Nantucket summer


24th June 2013

Today is Midsummer’s Day (not to be confused with the summer solstice on 21st but they are linked in that 24th June was the solstice in the old Roman calendar as far as I’m aware). In honour of that I’ve uploaded some wonderful, summery pictures that I took on a holiday to Nantucket a few years back.


I spent a week in Nantucket and was bowled over by its charm. Every shingle covered home seemed to be covered in cascades of pale pink climbing roses – you could literally point your camera in any direction and get shot after amazing shot. Even with my very basic (film – don’t laugh!) camera, I got these shots which I recently dug out and scanned. The style of the East coast of America is one of my favourites and if these photos don’t convince you, well…!


Painted vintage furniture


21st June 2013, Summer Solstice



I am a great fan of adding vintage or antique items to your home to add character and uniqueness. They also add a personal touch and I love the idea that the pieces you now own had a life in another home or setting.

While I’d never advocate painting really good antique furniture, if you find a good basic piece with a shape that you really like but that’s not a great colour or is scuffed or marked, you can give it a whole new lease of life by painting it.

The pretty demilune table pictured above was a decidedly unattractive shade of deep reddish brown when I spotted it but a few coats of Farrow & Ball ‘Light Bllue’┬álater and it’s another story. (‘Light Blue’ is actually more of a grey than a blue with pretty green undertones.)

I also recently bought a very pretty table with barley twist legs and really nice detailing around the edge and overlooked the fact that it was kind of wobbly because I loved the shape so much. So once I got it home, I realised I needed an expert to repair it for me and was really happy to find David Meek, a skilled restorer, who works here in Edinburgh. Once it has been brought back to life in a few weeks, I’ll share the before & after pictures here.

Long evenings…


11th June 2013

Botanics 028

My high-ceilinged top floor apartment in Edinburgh has a lovely view out over the rooftops of the Georgian ‘New Town’. Here you can see my view bathed in late evening light while swallows dart to and fro (though I couldn’t capture them in the shot sadly!).

Georgian architecture is one of my favourites with its graceful symmetry and large windows letting in lots of light. It’s a style that influences me and I’m sure to come back to it in future blog posts as it’s one of those styles that somehow manages to have a modern sensibility to it, even though it’s been around for more than two hundred years…

Glamorous bedroom ideas


6th June 2013

Exec showhouse pic


I’ve been working on ideas for a super glamorous bedroom for a showhouse which I thought I’d share. What do you think? I’ve been wanting to play around with teal for a while so this was a great opportunity to see how it might work. It will definitely need crisp white bedding to offset its richness and some brass to warm it up but I definitely think it’s a great colour.

Ideas for an equally glamorous living space to follow – lots of gleaming metal, elegant grey, amethyst and a gorgeous crystal from Aerin Lauder‘s new home range.