Celebrating the Summer Solstice


21st June 2016

Oh how I love this time of year. When the evenings stretch for so long that I lose track of time. When the swifts wheel and dart for hours outside my window at dusk…

There’s something very special about the official start of summer and the 21st June Solstice (not to be confused with Midsummer’s Day which is a short few days away yet!).


Amalfi White Living Summer montage to celebrate the Summer Solstice 2016


It’s no secret that I adore summer and everything associated with it. One of my absolute favourite styles of decorating is one I have dubbed ‘Summer House Style’ which is all about relaxed, unpretentious spaces which feel welcoming and enveloping yet are still ultimately fresh and elegant. To get a sense of this style be sure to visit my Pinterest board where I’ve been gathering images that evoke this ultimate summer style.

And if you’re ready to introduce some fresh summer style into your home, do get in touch and we can help to make your home feel like it’s summer all year round.

Blue and white – eternally fresh and stylish


7th June 2016

Blue and white is a colour combination I return to again and again. There’s a timelessness about it and an undeniable freshness to it that’s redolent of salty breezes and ocean waves.


Pen and ink illustration of a Lilla Villa Vita vignette


The pretty seating area above is an illustration of an image I have loved for a long time by Swedish blogger ‘Lilla Villa Vita’. I hadn’t done any illustrations for this site for a while so I thought this one would make a nice summer addition. What do you think?

I’ve recently sourced some wonderful blue and white fabrics that aren’t available in the UK so if you’re in need of new soft furnishings or would like to reupholster an old chair, then do get in touch. I’m currently getting a chair refinished for a client with a wonderful navy Greek Key pattern on white. I’ll share pictures very soon but here’s how it looks made up as a cushion. So timeless and fresh.


Navy and white cushion with Greek Key pattern by Amalfi White Living

I’ve also been gathering a gorgeous selection of pins celebrating the joys of decorating with blue and white on Pinterest for quite a while now. Definitely worth a look if you’d like some further inspiration.

And as ever, if you’d like some help to get your home looking as fresh and stylish as you know it can, just send me an email and let me know what you’d love to achieve – I’m sure I can help.