Amalfi inspired dining nook


6th May 2014

As promised in my last post, here’s a space I have designed based on the classic view of the Amalfi Coast below.

Amalfi inspired dining nook with built-in banquette seating designed and illustrated in pen and ink with watercolour by Louise Keane of Amalfi White Living


While the colour palette of the image has been an obvious influence on the design, it’s also the sense of the Amalfi Coast that I also wanted to capture. I’ve chosen a very light palette against which the blue can really stand out with white walls and a white painted floor as well as a white linen banquette (treated with stain guard of course!). It’s that idea of brightness and intensity which makes this space feel summery while the slightly greyed wood of the dining table balances it out and stops it feeling too blindingly white.

When I think of Italy I imagine great food and lots of time spent around the table enjoying it with family and friends. The layout of a dining space with a built-in banquette is to me just the most welcoming and convivial layout. Doesn’t it just invite you to sit and stay awhile?