The power of an exterior makeover for your home


31st July 2016

Although I am an ‘interior’ designer, I am passionate about making homes look beautiful inside and out. One of my favourite things to do is to reimagine tired and sorry exteriors, making them beautiful and welcoming.

Some transformations may require the skills of an architect to realise the potential of a house. But if the overall shape and proportions are already pleasing, then it truly is amazing what new windows, doors, roof materials and landscaping can do to totally transform a home from one that you’d pass by without a second glance, to one that makes you smile.

I stumbled across this extremely worn out 70’s home on a property website and could immediately see its potential using the existing structure. With the help of a photomontage technique, I’ve come up with two ways to update it with an exterior makeover, first with modern steel windows and then with a more traditional style. Both makeovers also rely on pretty landscaping to complete the look. What do you think? Which one do you prefer?…


1970's house in need of an exterior makeover

An exterior makeover of a tired 70's bungalow by Amalfi White Living

An exterior makeover of a tired 70's bungalow by Amalfi White Living

Does your front door make a great first impression?


22nd March 2016

I’ve been spotting some wonderful front doors lately around my home town of Edinburgh and they always make me wonder about the interiors.


Selection of doors in different shades of pink and blue grey


Will the promise of a coral door be met with an equally beachy interior? Will an elegant blue grey door have an equally elegant scheme when you enter through it?

One of my clients was surprised that my design suggestions also took into account her front door as it hadn’t formed part of the brief. But what she had asked me to do was consider the design of her home for potential customers of her home based design business. Naturally it had to begin with the door.

So the next time you return home, look at it anew through the eyes of guests or visitors and ask yourself if it might be time to get the paint brush out?

If you’d like help with suggestions for an exterior upgrade, I’d love to help so email me and let me know more.

The magic of transformation


6th April 2014

Do you love makeover shows as much as I do? Where a tired old house or room is transformed and literally brought back to life in some cases?

One of the things I love most is imagining how I’d go about these transformations myself and although my focus is usually inside the home as an interior designer, I often find myself looking at exterior spaces in the same way. A great example is this small country house I came across near a beautiful lake in the middle of Ireland. It had certainly seen better days and was quite a sorry sight but even so I couldn’t help but imagine it restored with new windows (begone ugly plastic windows!), new rendering, some detailing under the eaves and its garden planted with lavender and roses. Scroll down to see it reimagined…


Cloonoon 002

Country house reborn