Decorate with autumn colours


21st November 2016

A seasonal autumn montage by Amalfi White Living Even though I’m always reluctant to let the summer fade, the colours of autumn can compensate with their rich, saturated tones. It may be my imagination but this year the autumn colours seemed to last even longer than usual and were more vibrant and jewel-like against clear blue skies.

You can always incorporate some of these jewel tones into your home at this time of year and decorate with accessories and candles. Texture and cosiness are particularly important considerations as the temperatures drop so think cushions in luxurious raspberry velvet, cashmere throws in caramel or amethyst and even extra layers underfoot of jewel toned rugs to make your home as warm and welcoming as possible.

** And for a whole host of autumnal delights, check out my Pinterest board dedicated to autumn here. **

The look of summer


30th August 2016

Summery dining room inspiration from Halcyon House in Cabarita Beach, Australia by Amalfi White Living

With September just around the nearest corner, I’m already dreaming of an ‘indian summer’ – anything to hold onto the feeling of summer and long days of sunshine!

One place that to me evokes everything that summer is about, is Halcyon House in Cabarita Beach on Australia’s beautiful east coast. I’ve just written a piece about it on This is Glamorous so I was inspired to design a moodboard inspired by it and its richly layered interiors which were designed by the extremely talented designer Anna Spiro.

Halcyon House is a uniquely styled space which evokes the fun and happy memories of summers gone by, with a definite nod to 1960’s glamour. Its interiors welcome you with colour and pattern while entreating your to kick off your shoes and make yourself feel totally welcomed and relaxed. The ultimate compliment for any space surely?…

Borrowing style ideas from a French Château


31st May 2016

I wrote a piece recently for ‘This is Glamorous’ about the magical Château La Durantie in the Dordogne with all the elements you would imagine in the most picture-perfect French château – parquet floors, Louis furniture, gilt mirrors, crystal chandeliers and elegant panelled walls.

Being immersed in that elegant world got me thinking about how you might inject some of that wonderful French style into a home that was – shall we say – a little less grand?! Here’s some moodboard ideas that I came up with for a bedroom with French chic with a little bit of beachy glamour thrown in to keep it interesting and fresh.


Moodboard for an elegant French style bedroom with a glamorous modern twist (Design by Amalfi White Living)


It’s not hard to find well-made examples of reproduction Louis furniture (well the originals are a little out the range of most budgets!). And the fun then is playing around with the elements and adding modern twists. For example, the chair I have included above is more accurately ‘Gustavian’ in style but as that style itself was derived from the French court, I felt we could include it. And I purposely chose a bedside table which was modern and glamorous as a counterpoint to the more traditionally styled bed.

The key is that you end up with the spirit of the style without trying to be too historically accurate.

Unless you happen to own a French Château in which case, please, please may I decorate it for you?…

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Good design can actually save you money


In the same way that many truly stylish women will mix items from high street stores with more expensive designer clothing, I’m a fan of mixing inexpensive finds into your home.

Starting with a sturdy cream linen Chesterfield sofa from The White Company, I’ve come up with a moodboard for a ‘Coastal Chic’ living room that costs less than £2430* for all the elements featured, using well designed pieces from less expensive stores such as H&M, Zara and Ikea.

Coastal Chic moodboard ideas sourced entirely from the high street and costing less than £2500

While I would always advise clients to invest in larger pieces of furniture, buying from the high street stores can be a great way to play with colour or try out patterns without breaking the bank. And it also goes a long way to proving a point which is dear to my heart. And that is that clever design should not be beyond anyone’s reach.

I’m a firm believer that you can actually save money by working with an interior designer – not only can we share our knowledge of clever finds and secret sources but we are trained in how to pull it all together to work in your space.

If this piece has inspired you and the time is right for you to get your home looking as you’ve always known it could – for less than you thought it would – then please get in touch and we can start planning your very own makeover.

* The cost of £2430 covers all the items in the moodboard including the sofa. If you would like a copy of the shopping list, please email me and I’d be happy to share it with you.

Dreaming of a house by the sea

Moodboard for house by the sea with blush and navy, weathered wood and brass


Sources: 1 via CB2 | 2 via Slettvoll | 3 via CB2 | 4 via Neptune | 5 via Lamps Plus  | 6 via H&M Home | 7 via H&M Home | 8 via Oka | 9 via Neptune | 10 via Jonathan Adler | 11 via West Elm

In my mind’s eye, I can already see my dream house by the sea – covered with weatherboard, a seat outside to watch the sun rise and a pretty garden with hardy plants to withstand the salty breezes.

Inside there would be white-washed wooden floors, simple blinds or billowy drapes on the windows and lots of cosy places to sit. A fireplace is a must with baskets of logs nearby ready to warm up chilly days and evenings, even in summertime.

The palette would be inspired by the coast with lots of navy and white but for a pretty twist, I’d add blush pink and finally touches of brass or gold to give it that little bit of glamour that we all need.

How would your dream home look?…

Getting cosy as the nights draw in


22nd November 2015

With the nights getting longer and the temperatures dipping, we are spending more time indoors. So it makes sense to add a few touches to ensure that your home is as cosy as it is stylish. Here are a few ideas for a cosy living room using coral shades and warm metals to chase away the cold and the darkness.

Interior ideas to make your living space cosy this winter For more ideas on how to make your space cosy this winter, visit my Pinterest board. And if you would like information on any of the pieces shown above, please drop me a line and I would be happy to let you know its source.

How to create a Hamptons style bedroom


19th January 2015

Hamptons style is very much inspired by the ocean and a Hamptons style bedroom should have a calm and soothing palette while retaining the subtle sense of glamour that this style is all about.

Mix different textures like the glass lamp and glass droplet chandelier (below) with a rattan covered stool and mother of pearl topped bedside table. Then layer subtle colours that are reminiscent of the sea – blues, greys and whites – and accessorise with a statement mirror and pretty metal candle holders. And you’ll have a soothing sanctuary which feels fresh and light with that Hamptons touch of glamour.

Create a Hamptons style bedroom in soothing shades with these ideas from Amalfi White Living

I’ve been collecting Hamptons Style images here on Pinterest for a while now so do follow me for ongoing inspiration. And if you’d like me to design a Hamptons style bedroom for you or you would like to source any of these items, please get in touch.

Inspiration for a summer fresh living room


5th August 2014


This post is all about the style of summer so I hope it’s summer wherever you are – and if not, then I hope the sun is at least shining!


Summer fresh living room with hints of New England style - in neutral tones with accents of blue and white designed and illustrated by Louise Keane of Amalfi White Living

I’ve been working on this living room for which the brief was ‘warm, welcoming and elegant’.

It’s a summer house for the family so it needs to be a home away from home, with all the comforts you would expect but a truly relaxed vibe.

I took the cue from the fact that it’s a summer house to make it reflect this most wonderful of seasons with lots of light and pale fabrics.

But you can see how it will provide a warm welcome year round with the gorgeous ivory woodburning stove surrounded by a classic limestone mantel.

If you like nothing more than curling up with a good book, then the wall of shelving will surely appeal. The dark background is a great design trick to add drama and allow the items on the shelves to really stand out.

If you are a fan of blue and white, then using this colour combination in accents is a great way to make a room feel fresh and inject colour at the same time.

As Aerin Lauder says her gorgeous book ‘Beauty at Home‘ : “Blue and white is part of my decorating DNA. I love it in any way, shape, or form.”

And who can argue with a style icon like Aerin?


Furniture and accessories to decorate a summer style living room by Amalfi White Living


If you’d like information on any of the items I’ve included in this living room please email me and I’ll give you all the details of where I sourced them.

And if you have found this post inspiring and you would like some advice on how to inject some summer fresh ideas into your home, then please do get in touch!

Black and white chic


12th May 2014

Chanel was a famous fan of that chicest of palettes – black and white – which is as fresh and elegant as it was when she introduced it to the world. You can dress it up or have a more relaxed look – it’s totally up to you – it’ll look wonderfully chic either way. Here’s some inspiration so you can see what I mean and I also have a whole board dedicated to using black and white in your home over on Pinterest if you’re interested.

Black and white chic

The Style of Summer


11th April 2014

OK so we’re not quite in the summer season yet but I thought it was time to start thinking about it at least! Weathered wood, rattan, silver and lots of white and pale grey. It’s a look that can work at any time of year of course but there’s just something about sunshine, salty air and bare feet that makes it feel so right. In the spirit of getting into summer mode, I’ve put together a moodboard of summer style to inspire you. I’ve a whole board dedicated to this style over on Pinterest if you’d like even more inspiration. And if you’d like some advice on getting summerhouse style in your home, please do get in touch – I love designing homes in this style.


Summerhouse style moodboard

Colour inspiration for a Cornish hideaway


4th November 2013

I was asked to provide inspiration for the total redecoration of a Cornish holiday cottage in a beautiful fishing village by the sea. The first step was to create a palette and a look to inspire the overall design. The basis of the palette is the colours of Cornwall itself – colours of sky, cloud, sea and weathered wood. I then added coral and blush pink as accents and complementary colours to enliven and extend the palette.


How to get Hamptons style


18th October 2013

A certain television programme has brought Hamptons style to the fore very much and the sets of ‘Revenge’ seem to attract as much attention as the somewhat ludicrous yet enthralling plot lines. ‘Grayson Manor’ is the scene of many a denouement in the plot but for those more interested in the elegant furniture, here’s a moodboard that sums up this style which is both glamorous yet pared back at the same time. You can follow my Pinterest board dedicated to this style of interiors if you’re a fan and if you’d like to contact me about introducing some Hamptons style to your home, I’d love to hear from you.

Hamptons Style board 1.001

London calling


Mid September 2013

London’s sweltering summer may have faded somewhat but its style never does. This (almost) monochrome montage includes the fabulous black-fronted Blakes Hotel (top left) and the ever chic Catherine Walker’s boutique on the Fulham Road (bottom right) showcasing sleek satin gowns with cashmere.



Remembering a great summer


4th September 2013

It really has been one of the best summers I can remember and I’ve been dreaming of a summerhouse somewhere by water – maybe the sea or maybe a lake. It would be covered in weatherboard and the interior would be light and fresh and encourage you to kick your shoes off and relax. As we move into September and the nights begin to draw in I thought I’d put together a little visual reminder of the sights and scents of summer. I’ve also got a board on Pinterest where I’ve collected lots of summerhouse images to inspire you further.