Create a great first impression


24th August 2014

The entrance to your home, whether a soaring double-height vestibule or a more modest hallway, sets the tone for the rest of your home.

So it’s worth investing the time and effort into getting it to look just right.

The beautiful vestibule of JK Place on the island of Capri off the Amalfi Coast in Italy

This beautiful hallway is the entrance to the villa that is now the luxury hotel JK Place on the island of Capri. It has been designed to feel like you are entering a beautiful home rather than a hotel and even through its scale is more than most of us have to play with there are ideas we can borrow.

    • A hall table is the key piece of furniture – make sure yours is practical (drawer for keys, for example) as well as beautiful.
    • Fresh flowers or an attractive plant are always lovely additions.
    • Don’t ignore your walls. Can you add panelling for interest if they are bare? What about art?
    • Is your hallway a dumping ground for shoes and coats? If so, can you add attractive storage so that clutter is banished?
    • And finally, how does your hallway smell? Yes really! A friend of mine has the most gorgeous scent diffuser just inside her door that wafts grapefruit at me in a most delicious way every time I visit – a memorable welcome.