Icons of design and style


7th August 2014

This post is the first in a series about designers and style icons who are both inspiring and influential.

I’m pretty confident that they will inspire you too – so if you are ever in need of ideas or inspiration for your home, you know where to come!

The first design company in my roll call of elegant fame is the New York based Chango & Co which was founded by its Creative Director Susana Simonpietri in 2009.

Feast your eyes on my illustration of the kitchen of this drop dead gorgeous East Hamptons beach house, reimagined by Chango & Co. Can’t you just smell the ocean?


The kitchen of the beautiful white Hamptons beach house designed by New York based design firm Chango & Co with Tolix chairs and oversized pendant lights (llustrated in pen and ink with watercolour by Louise Keane of Amalfi White Living)


And you simply must click here to see the rest of this amazing East Hamptons beach house in soothing neutrals with classic accent colours.

Of course this summer home is just one of Chango & Co’s inspiring transformations which you can see on their website – and be sure not to miss the before and after pictures. I’ll leave the superlatives to you!

As you browse Chango & Co’s classic and elegant body of work, I’m sure you’ll spot the other aspect of their design that is just so appealing – their instinctive ability to create spaces which are inviting and ‘real’. Spaces you can imagine actually walking into and living in. Not just spaces that look great (they do – and how!) but spaces that you know will feel as good as they look.

And that’s the best kind of design.