Inspiration from the Amalfi Coast


29th April 2014

Illustration in pen and ink with watercolour of the view from Ravello on the Amalfi Coast by Louise Keane of Amalfi White Living

How do you get inspired to design a room? Designers often say that they get inspired by so many things – a view, nature, architecture, a beautiful dress, a particular colour combination – the list is literally endless.

My advice if you’re looking for inspiration for your home is to make a collage of images that simply resonate with you – they don’t have to be images of interiors – just whatever appeals to you. You’ll begin to notice patterns and things that recur over and over like certain colour combinations that you really like or patterns that you can incorporate in fabrics or flooring. This view of the Amalfi Coast (which I was moved to paint in anticipation of a visit in May) is full of inspiration for me for a wonderfully, summer fresh room. I’ll design a room based on this and publish it as my next blog post so you can see what I mean!