Painted vintage furniture


21st June 2013, Summer Solstice



I am a great fan of adding vintage or antique items to your home to add character and uniqueness. They also add a personal touch and I love the idea that the pieces you now own had a life in another home or setting.

While I’d never advocate painting really good antique furniture, if you find a good basic piece with a shape that you really like but that’s not a great colour or is scuffed or marked, you can give it a whole new lease of life by painting it.

The pretty demilune table pictured above was a decidedly unattractive shade of deep reddish brown when I spotted it but a few coats of Farrow & Ball ‘Light Bllue’┬álater and it’s another story. (‘Light Blue’ is actually more of a grey than a blue with pretty green undertones.)

I also recently bought a very pretty table with barley twist legs and really nice detailing around the edge and overlooked the fact that it was kind of wobbly because I loved the shape so much. So once I got it home, I realised I needed an expert to repair it for me and was really happy to find David Meek, a skilled restorer, who works here in Edinburgh. Once it has been brought back to life in a few weeks, I’ll share the before & after pictures here.