Edinburgh II

Edinburgh’s New Town is famous for its gracious squares and crescents with magnificent Georgian architecture so I was delighted to be asked to refurbish and redecorate a 3-bedroom apartment on one of its best streets.

The apartment had all the graceful proportions you would imagine for its location and just needed freshening up and the addition of new furniture and accessories to bring it back to life. The proportions of these buildings mean that you have to consider scale and placement of furniture and items very carefully.

I wanted to bring a hint of Parisian style to the living space so we started off with a fresh white backdrop and added a pair of dark grey linen sofas and a large gilt over-mantel mirror which crowned the marble fireplace perfectly. The stripped and varnished wooden floor needed nothing more than a sisal rug and then came the pretty additions: A grey cocktail cabinet with hints of art deco with its gold detailing, some artwork which picked up on the colours in the room and a glass drop chandelier to add the glamour that a room like this requires.

There are some final touches which need to be applied before we can photograph the room and show it unveiled completely but in the meantime, here are a few key details which give a hint of what is to come.