The image on the left above gives you an idea of the scale of this renovation in London which resulted in a much bigger and wonderfully light kitchen and dining space for the owners.

An architect and a kitchen designer had already been involved with the project but there were still a significant number of key decisions to be made so my clients asked me to help. Choices are indeed one of the most difficult things to navigate in any renovation – the array of options available can be very overwhelming!

After detailed conversations about how they wanted the room to look and feel, we started to make the key decisions.

Flooring was one of our major choices – as the space is so big, it covers a large area so you want to be sure it works really well. We picked an engineered wood which gives the family the practicality they need and we chose a pale, Swedish style colour to anchor the scheme.

Another decision to make was the work top and the choice here was driven by the clients’ wish to have something really durable with a slight industrial edge to it, hence the stainless steel which you might see in a professional kitchen.

For the doors to the garden which frame the view and open completely in good weather, we chose dark frames which add drama and contrast to the lighter colours elsewhere in the room.

Choosing the right table which would be the centre of many meals for years to come was another important decision and we looked at lots of designs before getting one made by a local artisan. A bench on one side adds a sense of informality and is really flexible if lots of guests turn up at once.

I also produced a lighting plan – the key here being that you need lots of different layers of light – bright light for tasks like preparing food and cleaning, and lower light for entertaining. We discussed having a pendant over the dining table but in the end decided not to have one and my clients use candles on the table while entertaining instead.

Feedback from my clients:

“We really enjoyed the process of working with Louise on our kitchen extension. From the very beginning, she was full of great ideas – helping us to articulate the overall look and feel of our project as well as many specific practical details.  It was invaluable to have her as a sounding board for all the decisions that we had to make, including lighting, key furniture (including our bespoke table) and flooring. It was such a success that we have engaged Louise again to assist on our home office.” Galina & Niall