The romance of winter


29th December 2014

Readers of this blog will have guessed by now that I’m a huge fan of summer with its bright sunlight and comforting heat. Winter can sometimes seem so dark and cold that I, for one, forget to appreciate and enjoy its charms. Maybe you do too?…

Things like walks along quiet windswept beaches wrapped up in hats and scarves, the lights of Christmas twinkling from within, the warmth of a real fire, the beauty of a snowy landscape. The charms of winter can be quite sublime.

And the way you decorate your home can make all the difference. Warmth, light, colour and texture are so important when you’re creating an inviting and cosy interior to chase away the darkness of the season. Think candles, open fires, cashmere blankets and seasonal berries and greenery to decorate your home.

To remind me how beautiful this season can be, I illustrated this romantic view of the beautiful Mala Strana in Prague in the Czech Republic covered in snow which I thought I’d share with you as my last blog post of the year.

Illustration in pen and ink with watercolour of Mala Strana in the beautiful Czech city of Prague covered with a blanket of snow

Wishing all my readers and clients a warm and happy New Year and a joyous and stylish 2015!