Style Icon – This is Glamorous


21st October 2014

There is an alluring mystique to the taste maker ‘This is Glamorous’ which curates and gathers the best of design and style from around the globe. As a reader, you are also given tantalising glimpses into the world of its glamorous founder, Roséline Lohr, but always with an old-fashioned sense of decorum and restraint.

What is not restrained is the elegance and glamour with which the reader is treated daily. The aesthetic which Roséline has cultivated so beautifully is wholly romantic – think flower shops, bunches of roses, images of architecture, fashion and art.

And her editor’s eye is unerring. While many blogs veer around a style, This is Glamorous curates images in a consistently elegant way – just one of the reasons it has gained so many followers around the world.

With a burgeoning Instagram audience, Roséline’s images treat her fans to real-time glimpses of her life. Many of these images showcase the architecture and splendour of Scotland’s capital city, Edinburgh, which she now calls home. As a fellow resident I am naturally biased about the beauty of the place but if you’re in any doubt, Roséline’s exquisite eye for an image will convince you.

She recently uploaded a collage of images to Instagram which I illustrated and which she graciously allowed me to share here.

Collage of images by Roseline at This is Glamorous illustrated in pen and ink with watercolour by Louise Keane of Amalfi White Living

If you ever need a dose of beauty during the day, This is Glamorous is the ultimate resource. And if you’d like a little bit of that beauty in your own life, check out, the stylish leather goods and accessories brand launched recently by Roséline and her partner Paul.

PS I share a passion for the colour pink with Roséline and have dedicated a whole Pinterest board to its charms here.